Tax & Insurance

Tax and Insurance are required to be renewed yearly and can be purchased at the Department of Transport with your green book.  Tax can be purchased within three months of the expiration date, but only with current insurance coverage.  It is quite easy to do yourself, but for those who would prefer a service, we do offer that as well.  Simply bring your green book (or copy) to our office and we will call you when it is ready. 




Our service cost 100 Baht.

Tax is required to be purchased yearly at an average cost of 100 baht per year. Note, if tax is not current you will be required to pay for previous years before updating to the current year. Tax can also only be purchased with proof of current insurance.


Our service cost 150 Baht.

Basic required insurance starts at 323 Baht per year for 110-125cc motorbikes and is able to be purchased at any time.