How to get your Thailand drivers License


Using your current drivers license to receive a Thai drivers license is quite an easy process that anybody should be able to do. It is best to arrive early as it may take a couple hours due to a long queue. 


Go to the nearest Department of Land Transport Office where they process all of Thailand's driving licenses. There you will be able to receive any forms required and the information desk can generally help you fill them out. Bangkok's main offices are next to Mo Chit BTS station and Bang Chak BTS station.  To view in Google Maps click Mo Chit or Bang Chak.

The general required documents to bring with you are as listed below.  Also, be sure to bring copies.

  • Your Passport with valid non-immigrant visa. (a tourist visa is not accepted)

  • Your Work Permit or Certificate of Residence issued by your embassy or Thai Immigration Bureau not more than 30 days old

  • Medical certificate not over 30 days old. Most hospitals or health clinic can do this for a nominal fee. It is very easy.

  • Two current photographs, 1x1 inch/passport sized

  • Your driving license. International and foreign are accepted, though may require an embassy translation especially if not in English

  • Fee

After you hand in your paperwork you will be required to wait and complete a very basic eyesight and reaction test.  Before waiting for the final time of having your Thai license printed and handed to you.